WARNING - To Members

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WARNING - To Members

Post by KrisKitten on Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:09 pm

While we may term our Links and Outside Parties as "approved", that simply means they are approved to use our site as a platform.
We do not know and do not claim to know them personally or have security approved them.
We ask all members to use their own common sense and awareness in following these links and dealing with outside parties.

Please note the following:
15. Members dealings with outside parties are entirely at their own risk - YB2B will not accept any responsibility or the actions, views or objectives of any outside party.
Taken from Forum Rules and Regulations (these can be found in the Introduce Yourself section)

We also advise members to conduct as much of their contact with Outside Parties via the thread they have made on YB2B.
If any member is unhappy or unsatisfied with any outside party we ask them to contact an Admin/Mod via PM or Email with your complaint - the Outside Party will then be reviewed and the appropraite action taken asap.
As always when meeting people on the internet be aware of your own personal safety, do not share vital personal information and if meeting do so ideally in groups or at least in a public place.




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