Signs Of Labour & Pre-Labour Starting

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Signs Of Labour & Pre-Labour Starting

Post by Sazzles on Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:52 am

Obviously Labour is different for all women but heres a helpful list of the 'typical' things that happen during/as labour is approaching.
Of Course these symptoms happen in different orders for all women and the only way to know for Sure you are in labour, is to give your local midwife or delivery suite a call
But remember your body will KNOW if it is in labour Laughing

Before Labour Is About To Start You May Notice...
- An increase in vaginal discharge
- Loose bowel movements
- Intense and regular Braxtons Hicks contractions
- Baby head has become engaged into your pelvis
- Your 'Show' or 'Plug' may come out
Some women also feel 'different' and sickly for a day or two before hand or get sudden urges to clean and/or rest.

Early Labour 'The latent phase' may consist of...
- Lower Back and abominal aching, often like period pains
- Waters breaking
- Painful contractions at regular intervals or becoming closer together and stronger

If you think you are in pre term labour it is essential that you ring your local delivery suite.


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