When To Take A Pregnancy Test and How To Do It!

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When To Take A Pregnancy Test and How To Do It!

Post by mummy2b18 on Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:55 am

Okay, so we've ALL had pregnancy scares, So If you're worrying about wether you are pregnant or not the only way to know for sure is to test!

When To Test!
Generally, pregnancy tests are accurate from the day that your period is due, however there are some brands (like first response) which claim to be accurate from up to 5 days BEFORE your missed period, however if you take one BEFORE you miss your period, chances are that it may give you either a false negative or faint result. If you get a faint result, then its important to leave a couple of days and then re-test. If you get a negative and your period doesn't come, then you should either take another test in a couple of days, OR go to the doctors for a blood test which would be accurate sooner.

How To Test!
It's REALLY important to read the instructions of your particular test, however, here is the instructions from some popular tests

Clearblue Digital
When you are ready to do your Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with
Conception Indicator, simply remove the Test Stick from its individual
foil wrapper and take off the cap. With the tip pointing downwards,
hold just the Absorbent Sampler in your urine stream for 5 seconds.
Alternatively, you can collect a sample of your urine in a clean, dry
container and immerse just the Absorbent Sampler in the urine for 20
seconds only.

When the urine sample is applied to the Absorbent Sampler it is
detected by the test. A flashing ‘Wait’ symbol (egg timer) is shown on
the Display demonstrating that the test is working correctly. Within 3
minutes the Display will show a ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’ result. If
the result is ‘Pregnant’ the ‘Wait’ symbol will continue to flash until
the Conception Indicator result is displayed.

Some results may be shown in as little as 1 minute, and the result will
continue to be shown on the Display for approximately 24 hours.

If you’re testing from the day your period is due, you can test any
time of the day. If testing early, you should use the first urine of
the day. You should avoid drinking excessive amounts of fluids before

The clearblue digital will give you a clear, in words answer, pregnant or not pregnant

First Response Early Pregnancy Test

  • Remove the test stick from the foil wrapper and take off the Overcap.
  • Holding the test stick by the Thumb Grip with the Absorbent Tip pointing downward and the Result Window facing away from your body, place the Absorbent Tip in your urine stream for 5 seconds only.
  • You may also collect your urine in a clean, dry cup and immerse the entire Absorbent Tip in the urine for 5 seconds only.
  • With the Absorbent Tip still pointing downward, replace the Overcap* and lay the stick on a flat surface with the Result Window facing up.

    *Replacement of the Overcap is not necessary for the proper functioning of the test.
  • You may soon see a pink color moving across the Result Window to indicate the test is working.
  • Wait 3 minutes until reading results.

TWO PINK LINES in the Result Window. One line may be lighter than the other. Appearance of the results may vary.
ONE PINK LINE in the Result Window.

Dollar Tree (Dollar Store Tests)

  • Collect your urine in a cup (only a small volume is needed)
  • Remove the test cassette from the foil pouch and place on a flat dry surface
  • Using the dropper provided in the kit, collect a sample of the urine
  • Holding the dropper over the round sample well, squeeze the dropper gently add 4 drops of urine into the round well
  • In 1-3 minutes, a colour line will appear in the C area indicating that the test is finished
A line in BOTH the C and T areas

Not Pregnant
A line in ONLY the C area.

Boots Pregnancy Test
The instructions are to hold the wand in your urine stream for 5
seconds. Then you need to lay the wand on a flat
surface and wait 1 minute for the test to work. You must see a
line appear in the oval window to indicate the test had worked and then
you get your result in the square window which indicates whether or not
you are pregnant.

A + sign in the square window

Not Pregnant

A - Sign in the square window

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