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Post by lovetaralyn on Wed Aug 25, 2010 8:47 am

I went to labor and delivery Saturday night because I called my doctor and I had brown spotting (which I knew was from the exam I had a few days prior) and I thought I might have lost some of my plug and I wasn't sure if that was something he'd want to know or not but I wasn't going to call since brown spotting after an exam was normal and I wasn't completely sure I lost my plug (I don't think I did now that I've done a bit more research) but my mother convinced me to go. The doctor wanted me to go to l&d to get monitored just in case I was in early labor, I knew I wasn't but I went because he told me to. There was also no change (still about a cm dilated and 25-50% effaced) Before I was discharged the nurse told me that as you get further along you may experience some spotting and that it's normal unless it's a lot of blood or like a period. Well, last night I had about 6 small droplets of bright red blood, no mucus just a very small amount of bright red blood. Have any of you experienced this and if so could this mean a start to labor?
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