Quintins Birth Story

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Quintins Birth Story

Post by QuintinsMommy on Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:11 pm

so I wanted this baby out!

I was soft, and 1 cm dilated, doctor guess was I would have him by the time the weekend was over.

I walked around,bounce on my birthing ball, drank RLT and had spicy food! and birthday cake

9:00 am - Woke up to tell my mom I bet I wont be having the baby today,
so I walked over to my computer, msged her, walked back to my bed and
I wasn't sure what just happened, so I was going to walk back to the
computer to msg my mom again then I had another big gush so I called my

10:30 am - at the hospital, still only 1cm dilated

nothing was happening I didn't have any contractions ALL DAY LONG.

8:00 pm- little pains, walked around the hospital, my brother,his
girlfriend and my dad come to see me, they were high! they smoked weed
before seeing me! and my dad kept making fun of how fat I've gotten
even tho I was having contractions!

11:00 pm - said goodbye to family members, went back to my room. The
contractions slowed down so I decided to try to get some sleep . My mom
slept in a chair, but the doctor came in and checked that I was still
only 1-2 cm dilated


12:30 - Woke up with the contractions alot stronger and closer together. walked around, tried to breath.. got check 2-3 cm.

2:00 I asked what kind of pain relief I could have, they told me
morphine and its just a needle in my bum! they had to give me an IV too
for antibiotics because my water has been broken for so long. My nurse
came in and asked if the student nurse can "try to do my IV" and I'm
like "what...try? that doesn't sound too good" so I let her anyway she was super shaking! blood went ever were it took 2 other nurses to clean it all up! so I got the morphine in my butt after that, needle was just a little pinch.

then I was dead asleep , I would wake up and be able to breathe throw contractions.

8:00 - A new doctor came in checked and said I was 3 cm dilated still
so he decided to induce me with oxytocin I was nervous cause I heard it
could bring more painful contractions. they had to put a heart rate and
contraction monitor on me so I could no longer walk around. My mom left
the room to meet with some of my family members in the waiting room.

I was in and out of sleep, waking up during my contractions..

this point I have no idea what time it was, My contractions were very
painful, it was hard to keep breathing during them. I asked for my mom,
My nurse asked if I wanted a epidural, I said yes and shes like " okay
I will hurry up and find the doctor"

before I knew it, the doctor came, I got sat up, I was sooo nervous the
epidural was going to hurt,They gave me a pillow to hold onto and
started to clean my back.I was crying very hard at this point and I had
make up everywhere My mom was wiping my face down. The doctor numbed my back and then I felt the needle go in, but It didn't hurt at all!
my mom was feeling sick and had to leave the room.

then my legs felt warm and numb. They checked and I was 8 cm!

I closed my eyes for what seems like 2 mins and I opened them and felt like I needed to poop
so I told the nurse and shes like "no, you won't poop thats the baby
moving down" so.. I waited the next nurse I told her "I'm really scared
I think I might poop" she told me the same thing, so I asked for my mom
and I told her "I'm going to poop and no one will listen to me"

so the nurse came and checked me, and I was 10 cm dilated and ready to push!

this was time to push, my mom at one side of me and a nurse down below!
I had to grab my legs and hold my breath and push like I was taking the biggest poop ever! ( I wasn't I asked)
It was soo hard, I felt like I couldn't do it, I asked how long will I
be pushing for , and shes like I can see his head not long

the doctor came in, and I kept pushing, I was crying so hard...the
Nurse asked what was wrong, and why I was crying and I said I didn't
know LOL

soon my mom told me he had dark hair, and I kept pushing, and I was
screaming that " its hurts it hurts" the nurse asked me "where does it
i screamed "my downstairs!!" my mom started laughing.
the doctor came in and had to cut me He was almost out but I felt soo tired
his head came out but only to his eyebrows and I had to wait to the next contractions to push him out
2 pushes later and the put my baby on me and he peed and pooed everywhere at this point I felt so emotional I was screaming "I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM " my mom was like "i know i know"
he wasn't crying and I asked over and over if he was okay and they told me he was fine

he was weighed 8 pounds 15 inch, 21 inches long

while they cleaned him I delivered the placenta, which felt like warm goo or something
they stitched me back up, 4 stitches.
they handed me my baby

the then told me it was 1:42pm!

From the time I was induced and to when he was born was only like 5-6 hours

I was in the hospital for 24 hours after that and i had this real mean nurse

one of the mean things she did was I woke up at 6 feed Quintin,changed
him, and I went back to sleep... at 6:30 she woke me up and asked me
when the last time I changed him was, I wasn't sure because I just woke
up she told me "I HAD to wake up and look after my kid"
I asked her what time it was and she said 6:30, I was like "I JUST fed him and changed him!" god she was a cow.

thanks for reading!


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Re: Quintins Birth Story

Post by Sazzles on Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:54 am

Congrats Rome, hes lush x


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Re: Quintins Birth Story

Post by Love Bunny on Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:43 pm

Awww he's just so adorable well bloody done! x
Love Bunny
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Re: Quintins Birth Story

Post by flutterby on Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:44 pm

Lovely birth story Rome

Hanna x


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Re: Quintins Birth Story

Post by jojo16 on Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:38 pm

well done rome hes a real cutie x
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Re: Quintins Birth Story

Post by QuintinsMommy on Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:26 am



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Re: Quintins Birth Story

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