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Getting started

Post by flutterby on Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:50 pm

What you will need

15-25 nappies,
on how often you wash, how fast drying they are, whether you intend to
air or tumble dry, for example, you would need less cotton nappies than
bamboo as these dry much quicker!

3+ wraps,
if you are using 2 parters, start with 3 if you need more you can always buy more!

5 boosters,
may need more, but you won't need them to start with and 5 will be a
good starting place you can always buy more as you need them.

or fleece, if using fleece liners you will need one for every nappy,
however in lined nappies like pockets you may choose not to use them,
and you always have the option of having no liner, however the fleece
acts as a stay dry layer, and you may find baby reacts to the wetness
if not used!

Nappy bucket,
any bucket with a good sealing lid will do, no need to get a specific bucket, I have a cheap one from wilkos, cost £2 I think

2 nappy meshes,
for in the wash one for in the bucket, not necessary but make loading
your dirty nappies into the machine much easier and more pleasant.

Wet bag,
not essential, you can just chuck them in a carrier bag or nappy sack,
but it's much better for the environment if you use one bag over and

30+ washable wipes,
obviously not a must have but
seeing as your using washable nappies why not save your self the extra
£300+ you will spend on disposable wipes and get washable wipes
instead! Y'know what I was totally averted to the idea until a couple
of weeks back, but then I thought I'd give them a go, just for wee's I
thought, I'll used disposable wipes for poo's I'd put them all in the
tub and they were ready to go, nappy changing time and half way through
changing a pooey nappy I remembered I'd got the washable wipes, oh
well, I had to give them a try couldn't have Jak running round the
house half naked covered in poo whilst I found some sposie wipes, well
I was amazed, one wipe and he had a beautifully clean bum when it would
have taken 3-4 disposable wipes, they came out of the wash like new and
I haven't looked back, not at all icky, and soo much softer for your
precious babies bot!

Hanna x


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