Types of cloth nappy

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Types of cloth nappy

Post by flutterby on Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:51 pm

Types of cloth nappies

Flat Nappies - terry squares and prefolds

Flat nappies are a highly economical and popular choice for a nappy system.
Fastened with nappi nippas - the modern day equivalent to nappy pins
only much safer. Terries nappies are available in bright bold colours
and are also available made from bamboo - the softer, more absorbant
and slimmer alternative to cotton. Prefolds too, are also popular with
an array of different folds to suit different babies, boys or girls.
Both terries and prefolds need a wrap however you may find some wraps
unsuitable for using with prefolds as they require a good fit to hold
them in place.

Shaped/Fitted (two-part) Nappies

This is
a nappy that is shaped to fit babies bum without needing to fold it. It
is often referred to as a two-part nappy as it needs a waterproof
cover. Often considered to be more reliable than pockets and all in
ones as it has 2 layers, making it much better for explosive breast fed
newborn poos.

Pocket Nappies

This is a nappy with a
waterproof outer layer and a stay dry inner layer that has an opening
(a pocket) where you can 'stuff' the absorbant part of the nappy - an
insert or a prefold. There is no need for a wrap. This means there is
only one layer to put on which can be especially helpful with wriggly
babies and toddler but the main advantage is that you can vary the
absorbancy i.e. add extra inserts for night time or long journeys.
There are also a few pocket nappies that DO need a wrap (ie:
Swaddlebees hemp pocket or Swaddlebees Velour pocket) but these are not
as popular as many see little advantage to a pocket nappy that needs
inserts AND a wrap.

All in one nappies

All in one's are
exactly that - the nappy and the waterproof wrap in one. Made
specifically with convenience in mind they make for quick hassle free
changes and are ideal as you're out and about nappy or for use at
nurseries etc if someone else cares for your baby. Depending on the
type you buy you may find they have longer drying times and are much
less economical than seperate two-part nappies.

All in two nappies

like an AIO mostly, expect for that the absorbent part poppers in
making it much faster drying than an AIO, and with many you can change
the poppered inserts without having to change the outer shell as long
as it is not soiled, making it a little more economic.

Birth to potty or One Size nappies

simply that, they fits from birth to potty in most cases, with the rare
exception, for example Jak is a little too big for most OS nappies, but
then he is up on the 99.6th centile, and they are often rather bulky on
a newborn! These are much more economical way of cloth nappying that
sized nappies as you only have to buy one set to last for birth to
potty whereas with sized systems you often need 3-4 sizes to get you
from birth to potty!

Hanna x


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