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While Young Bumps2Babies encourages members to seek advice and support, support and advise others, chat and socialize and take part in friendly debates and discussions we ask you to do so bearing in mind the following rules. These rules are not in place to restrict members use in anyway but simply to ensure every member is comfortable.
  1. YB2B will not tolerate any racist language, behaviour or insinuations - topics/posts of this nature will be locked and/or deleted possibly without notice.
  2. YB2B will not tolerate any behaviour or language deemed to be aggressive, offensive or upsetting to other members or the public - topics/posts of this nature will be locked and/or deleted possibly without notice.
  3. Any member who decides to meet or share personal information with another member does so at their own risk.
  4. YB2B accepts no responsibility for the views and opinions of individuals of the forum.
  5. And member proven to be lieing about circumstances or events, or in general falsifying any information with the intention of deceiving other members or the public may have their threads locked and/or deleted and their account banned possibly without notice.
  6. While YB2B remains pro-choice on a majority of subjects we ask that you do not make any posts/topics discussing abortion or adoption outside of the 'Your Choices' forum. This is simply to protect other members who may be offended, any posts/topics of this nature will be moved to the appropriate forum where even the creator will need to request access. Members breaking this rule will be cautioned for doing so.
  7. YB2B asks members with problems or grievances with the forum, Admin/Mods or other members to contact Admin/Mods via PM, and NOT on the public forum - topics/posts of this nature will be locked and/or deleted.
  8. Adim/Mods reserve the right to edit, lock or delete posts/topics as they see fit, possibly without warning.
  9. Admin/Mods reserve the right to edit/lock or delete accounts as they see fit, possibly without warning.
  10. While YB2B does encourage friendly debate and discussion we do ask members to take others feelings into consideration. Please word posts concientiously and tactfully - if you feel you are unable to do so do not comment at all.
  11. YB2B will not tolerate any bullying behaviour or behaviour deemed to be bullying - topics/posts of this nature will be locked and/or deleted.
YB2B reserve the right to change rules at any time. Members will be alerted to rule changes via a message on the Home Page of the forum.
Outrageous or frequent breaking of the rules my result in members accounts being banned and their threads being locked/deleted.
If you notice any rule breaking please report the post/topic/member or PM an Admin/Mod and it will be dealt with asap - please do not publicly accuse or ostracize members as you yourself may then be deemed to be in violation of Rule 2, 7 and 10. This is to prevent any misunderstanding.
Please note that any Admin/Moderator's word is final. 
Please deal with any dissatisfaction with the actions of an Admin/Mod via the method discussed in Rule 7.
Reading the rules is seen as a members own responsibility.
YB2B will not accept ignorance as an excuse for rule breaking.
If you do not agree with or do not understand any of the rules please contact an Admin/Mod via PM. Failure to do so will result in the assumption that you accept and understand all of the rules.
Thank you and feel free to contact an Admin/Mod via PM at any time regarding any subject.
Enjoy the forum :)