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Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs!

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Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Empty Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs!

Post by {Nicole} Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:27 am

My Plan

Water birth
Only Gas and Air if I really needed it
Using different positions to help with the pain
Andrew to deliver Charlotte
Natural delivery of placenta (no injection)
Cord to be left to stop pulsating before it was cut

[size=18]YEAH RIGHT!!![/size]

After going 9 days overdue I finally went into labour the day before I was due to be induced! I was so happy to be finally having her, I was so so over pregnancy!
Leading up to the big day I had been drinking 3 or 4 cups every day of Raspberry Leaf Tea, had three stretch and sweeps, and had EPO inserted at each sweep.

Wednesday 5th May

Contractions started at 6pm, an hour and a half after my last stretch and sweep. I was already 3cm dialated! YAY! They were coming about every ten minutes or so. We were so excited!
I decided to go to bed as I decided I would try and rest as much as I could while the pain wasn't too bad. I didn't get much sleep that night, kept waking up with contractions but they didn't seem to be coming any closer together.

Thursday 6th May

I decided to send Andrew to work, as the contractions were still every ten minutes or so. He left at 7am, and by 9am my contractions were coming every 5 minutes, lasting around 40 seconds.
By lunch time I was really having to focus to get through the contractions, so started timing them again and they were four or five minutes apart, lasting a minute!
Its go time!! (or so I thought!)

We arrived at the hospital, and the midwife started filling the pool, I was so excited as the contractions were really picking up and I stupidly thought "it cant be much longer"
I was examined....and I was still 3cm dialated!!! Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Icon_sad

We decided to go to my sisters place, and wait to see if things changed. At 6pm the midwife rang to see how I was going, and I told her nothing had changed, but I was getting exhausted.
She came over to examine me....and I was, once again, 3cm dialated Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Icon_mad

After a long talk between me, Andrew and the midwife we decided I would go back to the hospital, and they would give me pethadine.
Supposidly the pethadine would take the edge off the contractions and I would be able to get a few hours rest.
Andrew went home after I got the pethadine as he was exhaused and we all thought I'd be asleep until the pethadine wore off in like 4-5 hours.
So the pethadine did work........for about half an hour Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Icon_sad
Andrew had only just gone to sleep when I rang him telling him to come back Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Icon_redface

By the time Andrew and my midwife came back I was sucking the life out of the G&A, and high as hell on it.
They arrived as I was attemping to tell the Nurse that I'd changed my mind and she was staying in there!! Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Lol
I was examined again, and yep, you guessed it...still 3cm!

By now I was tired as hell, grumpy as can be and just wanted to get things moving.
We decided to have my waters broken to try and move things along a bit. Got this done at 10pm.

Friday 7th May

Boy was I fed up, the gas and air was no longer helping, I'd spent time in the shower with the water spraying on my back, had hot towels pressed on my back during the contactions. Nothing helped
At 2am the midwife examined me again, four hours after my waters had broken, my contractions were every 2-3 minutes lasting for what felt like forever!

I broke down, I was just so over it.
I was given the option of either induction and an epidural, or a c-section.
There was no way in hell I was going to have a c-section, not after being in labour this long.
So I chose the induction and epidural.

After I got the epidural things changed, I practically passed out with exhaustion and slept till 7am!
I woke up at 7, was examined and was 8cm!!! Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Icon_biggrin
Text my sister and got her to come in, and was turned over to the other side.

Somehow the epidural tube moved when they turned me, and it started wearing off soon after!
I got back on the g&a, but because I still had bugger all feeling in my legs I was stuck on my back and the lack of movement made the contractions much harder to deal with.
By 11am though, I started feeling the urge to push!!!!!
I was excamined and I was 10cm!!!! I was so happy.

After everything I had been through, the pushing part was actually not to bad!
After the first hour of pushing....yes I said hour...her heartrate tachycardic (going too fast) and they were beginning to get concerned.
The ob/gyn guys were coming in every couple of minutes to check, but because I was making good progress they said I could continue.
At 12.30 they told me if she wasn't born in 15 minutes then I was having a c-section.
I really gave it everything I had, and at 12.43pm Charlotte Hope arrived screaming into this world, just as the orderly arrived to take me to theatre!

The first thing I remember saying was....
Whats wrong with her head!!!

Apparantly she was stuck, and her poor wee head was all swollen on the top, she looked a bit like an icecream cone LOL

She latched on almost straight away, and fed for a good half hour before falling asleep on me Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Herz

She weighed in at 8lbs 12oz, and 51.5cm long.


We were transferred to a birthing centre, where we stayed for three days.
It was brilliant there, the midwives were awesome, and I truely believe that if not for our stay I wouldn't have managed to breastfeed.
After a few initial problems with her latch the midwives got us sorted and she has fed like a pro ever since!

I had a wee graze from the birth, which my midwife decided wasn't bad enough to require stitches. Wrong decision!
Everytime I walked around my graze would open up more and more.
I ended up having to pretty much stay in bed for a week to give it the chance to heal, and it was incredibly painful!

And I found out why my labour was so horrid - little madam was back to back! They could have told me that at the time, I was just made to feel like I was being a wuss Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Icon_sad

12 weeks on....

She is just amazing, now weighs over 14lbs, and has been in 3-6 month clothing for the last three weeks! Little porker!
We are still breastfeeding, and I have just fallen in love with it, I love her feeds, just that physical closeness we have.
Its now just me and her, Andrew and I didn't work out, he still has contact with her though.
She is such a cruisy baby, had slept through the night (7pm till 8am) since 6 weeks!

I never knew how much I could love someone until the minute I laid eyes on my daughter.
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Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs! Empty Re: Charlotte's Birth - We Plan....God Laughs!

Post by Kirsty90 Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:06 am

aww bet you were so fed up of hearing 3 cms lol.
well done for getting her out 2 minutes before having to go to theatre.
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